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Have you CHERISHed LIFE today?

Cherish Life was founded with a passion to make a significant difference in the lives of pregnant women and new mothers in India. The vision, to Cherish every mom-to-be and mother with the best pregnancy/maternity clothing and accessories, has resulted in a unique set of products being specifically designed to serve the Indian woman.

Cherish manufactures and retails all its products under the `Cherish` brand name. Created for comfort, style and affordability, each product design has been a result of close interaction with our customers and their feedback. This has ensured the success of new products introduced so far and continues to propel us in the right direction, with respect to product design and innovation.

We believe in our customers being our advertisers, promoters and evangelists.

Our product addition strategy coupled with our level of customer service offered, has resulted in 100% customer satisfaction since inception. This has also resulted in Cherish becoming one of the most favored brands in the maternity and motherhood space.

We look forward to travelling with you on your happy and delightful road to motherhood!

About The Founder, Arathi Kuppu
My journey started seventeen years ago, as a passion for numbers, technology and innovation. A career that started in software development quickly led to managing and delivering mission-critical technology initiatives for pioneers like AltaVista (acquired by Yahoo!) Nokia and Palm(acquired by HP). Having had this wonderful journey, where I had loved every bit of what I have done and done every bit of what I had loved..I came back to India.

Being equally passionate about women, the entrepreneur in me sought to do something that would leverage my experience and make a significant impact in the lives of women. I found myself interacting with women in my neighborhood, mostly pregnant and young mothers. I found them wearing ill-fitting shirts and t-shirts (mostly their husband`s) or salwar suits which were unceremoniously opened up at the sides and some wearing western clothing. But all of them looking and feeling very uncomfortable.

This triggered some thoughts about my own pregnancy. I looked back on how I had indulged in new maternity dresses which fit me well and made me look good. I was creating a life and I felt happy and comfortable doing it. I wanted to create something similar for women here.

Statistics showed that approximately 22 million women get pregnant in India every year. My extensive research showed that the options for maternity clothing and accessories, relevant to India, its weather and culture, was extremely limited and virtually did not exist in many places. With a passion to help very pregnant woman and young mother in India, Cherish Life was born.

My Vision:
* Health Hygeine and Happiness for every pregnant woman and young mother
* Empower women financially
My Philosophy:
* Innovate to satisfy the customer
* Keep things simple
* Just do it, execute

I have Cherished Life for four years now and have loved every moment of it. With every customer satisfied, we have created a smile.

Would you like to become a part of this vision and help more women Cherish their pregnancy? Do write to me at CherishLifeproducts@gmail.com